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Outsak® Bags by Simple Outdoor Solutions

Animal Resistant Food Storage. Rodent Proof Bags.

Comparison Chart

Outsak UL by Simple Outdoor Solutions Outsak Spectrum by Simple Outdoor Solutions

All Outsak bags have a super-strong Hook-and-Loop closure.

The interlocking, stainless-steel, wire mesh body protects against the chewing and clawing of most animals.

Ultralight Series

Spectrum Series

Available in Black Available in a Spectrum of Colors
1 inch Polypropylene Webbing with a UV Inhibitor 2 inch Polyester Seatbelt Webbing with a UV Inhibitor
For Experienced, Ultralight Hikers
Practical Sizes For Most Hikers Bigger Sizes for Groups or Long Trips
UL micro


3 Year Warranty

2.6 ounces

10.5×13 in

420 cubic inches

UL micro Outsak holds 420 cubic inches


3 Year Warranty

3.5 ounces

10.5×19 in

625 cubic inches

UL Outsak holds 625 cubic inches


3 Year Warranty

6.5 ounces

14×14 inches

795 cubic inches

X-Small Outsak holds 795 cubic inches


3 Year Warranty

7.5 ounces

14×18 inches

1050 cubic inches

small Outsak holds 1050 cubic inches


3 Year Warranty

10 ounces

18×18 inches

1685 cubic inches

Medium Outsak holds 1685 cubic inches


3 Year Warranty

11.5 ounces

18×22 inches

2095 cubic inches

Large Outsak holds 2095 cubic inches
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**Water Bottles are Sold Separately. Bottles are shown here for comparison only

*Weights for each Outsak® Animal and Rodent Proof Storage Bags are ± 0.15 ounces due to variations in the interlocking stainless steel wire mesh and webbing

Custom Sizes or Weights Available. Contact Us

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Outsak Rodent Proof Bag Video Comparison

What is the Difference Between Outsak Spectrum and Outsak UL?

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