Outsak® Bags by Simple Outdoor Solutions

Animal Resistant Food Storage Sacks
Rodent Proof Gear Cache Bags

Outsak bags are interlocking wire mesh bags. They are incredibly light, yet surprisingly strong. All Outsak bags have a stainless steel mesh body and genuine VELCRO® closure strong enough to keep out persistent animals such as rock squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, marmots and many others. Store your backpacking food and scented items in an Outsak animal resistant storage bag.

A great choice for your backpacking and outdoor gear caches.

Comparison Chart

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Outsak UL by Simple Outdoor Solutions x-small and small Outsak Spectrum by Simple Outdoor Solutions medium and large Outsak Spectrum by Simple Outdoor Solutions
All Outsak bags have a super-strong VELCRO® closure.

The interlocking, stainless-steel, wire mesh body protects against the chewing and clawing of most animals.

Ultralight Series

Spectrum Series

Available in Black Available in a Spectrum of Colors
1 inch Polypropylene Webbing with a UV Inhibitor 2 inch Polyester Seatbelt Webbing with a UV Inhibitor

For Experienced, Ultralight Hikers Practical Sizes For Most Hikers Bigger Sizes for Groups or Long Trips

UL micro UL X Small Small Med Large
$37 $41 $39 $43 $49 $54
3 Yr WAR 3 Yr WAR 3 Yr WAR 3 Yr WAR 3 Yr WAR 3 Yr WAR
2.5 oz 3.4 oz 6.5 oz 7.5 oz 10 oz 11.5 oz
10 × 13 in 10 × 19 in 14 × 14 in 14 × 18 in 18 × 18 in 18 × 22 in
4.3 L 7.5 L 9 L 12.15 L 20.5 L 25.7 L
UL micro Outsak holds 4.3 Liters UL Outsak holds 7.5 Liters X-Small Outsak holds 9 Liters small Outsak holds 12.15 Liters Medium Outsak holds 20.5 Liters Large Outsak holds 25.7 Liters

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VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro BVBA

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