Outsak® UL
by Simple Outdoor Solutions

Protect Food and Gear with an Ultralight, Rodent and Animal-Proof, Interlocking Steel Wire Mesh Bag. Super-Strong Genuine VELCRO® Closure.

The Outsak UL is the only ultralight rat sack available. This is NOT just a smaller rat sack.

Now the Outsak UL and UL Micro are Lighter Than Ever

Two Ultralight Sizes.

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Outsak UL and Outsak UL micro by Simple Outdoor Solutions

Outsak Ultralight Series

Outsak UL micro and Outsak UL

Price $37 - $41

Outsak Spectrum is warrantied for 3 years

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Outsak Grand Canyon Critter Bag

Outsak UL Bags Protect Food and Gear from Animal Chewing and Clawing

  • Rodents
  • Raccoons and Coatis
  • Squirrels, Ringtails, and Skunks
  • Cats and Canines
  • Deer and More
Outsak UL and Outsak UL micro bags are lighter than ever

Lightest Bags Ever - The Outsak UL is the only true ultralight rat sack available. This is NOT just a smaller rat sack. Compare weight and capacity with any other product. Outsak UL wins everytime.

Outsak Quality Craftsmanship

Outsak Strength against Rats

Outsak Durability to Last

Outsak UL Rat Sack Protects Your Food and Gear From Rodents and Other Critters

Heavy Duty

Interlocking Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh Strong enough to Stop Rodents, Raccoons, and Other Small Animals

Super-Strong Genuine VELCRO® Hook and Loop Closure

Surprisingly Light

Outsak UL has a new lighter strap

Light Strap

Super Light Strap is Easy to Use


Two Raccoons Unable to Penetrate the Outsak UL

Denied Entry

See why the Outsak UL is the preferred animal proof steel mesh bag of Park Rangers

Two Woodland Creatures Unable to Penetrate the Outsak UL

Check out these animals unable to penetrate the Outsak UL

Overkill Slap Bags are Slap Bags on Steroids

Want Something Way Over-The-Top?

Overkill Slap Bag is a Slap Bag on steroids. Combine with Outsak UL and double your food protection.

Want the Whole Kit?

Want the Whole Kit?

Combine and Save with an Outsak UL Kit

Outsak Bags Frequently Asked Questions

Want More Information?

Frequently Asked Questions About the Outsak Bags

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Outsak Ultralight Series Outsak UL micro: Outsak UL:
Weight*: 2.5 ounces 3.4 ounces
Dimensions: 10×13 inches 10×19 inches
Capacity: 4.3 liters 7.5 liters
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Closure Super-Strong Genuine VELCRO® Closure Guaranteed Not to Mold, Mildew, or Rot
Body Flexible, Interlocking, Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh
Warranty 3 Year Warranty
Directions: Stuff it.
Seal it.
Hang it or conceal it.

*Weights for each Outsak® Animal Resistant Storage Bag are ± 0.15 ounces due to variations in the interlocking stainless steel wire mesh and webbing

Custom Sizes or Weights Available. Contact Us

VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro BVBA


Outsak Ultralight Series Overview

Outsak Bags Basic Directions

How to Stuff Outsak Bags for Food Storage

Outsak Spectrum Basics

Backpacking Food Storage

Simple Outdoor Stash Spots

Five Techniques to Stash Your Outsak Bag

These Simple Videos are Particularly Useful in Areas with Little or No Trees, Like Grand Canyon National Park

Outsak Raven Prevention 1

How to Conceal Your Outsak Bag in a Rock Crevice

Outsak Raven Prevention 2

Outsmarting the Ravens at Grand Canyon

Outsak Raven Prevention 3

Outsak Bag in a Nylon Stuff Sack and Stuffed Under a Tree

Outsak Raven Prevention 4

Outsak Bag in a Nylon Stuff Sack and Hung from a Hiking Pole

Outsak Raven Prevention 5

Outsak Bag in a Nylon Stuff Sack and Hung from a Tree